The Hursey Photo Album

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Total Eclipse 2017

Brenda, Connie and Menalie watched the Solar Eclipse of 2017 at the Airport, then had a Picnic.
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Mark & Brenda take a cruise with Mike & Debbie

Photos of the cruise with Mike & Debbie and Walt & Sharon (Debbie's Cousin and his wife) in February 2016. Great Time!
Images: 152
Layla's Celebration Slideshow

The photos shown in the slideshow playing during Layla's Celebration of Life Party Feb 22nd, 2015.
Images: 558
Layla's Christmas in Kansas City 2014

Photos and Videos of Layla celebrating Christmas 2014.
Images: 19
Videos: 2
Video for Laylas 80th Birthday

The Video created for and shown at Layla's 80th Birthday Dinner in 2011.
Video duration 42:42
Laylas 80th Birthday Dinner 2011

Laylas 80th Birthday Dinner 2011.
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Columbia and Yellowstone 2011

Joe & Layla attend the Columbia Airshow then drive back to Sacramento with Mark & Brenda via Yellowstone.
Images: 354
Videos: 8
Brenda's 50th Birthday 2003

Brenda's family comes to Kansas City to celebrate her 50th birthday.
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Hursey Christmas 1987

Hursey Christmas in 1987
Video duration 21:45
Layla's Birthday Party 1988

Layla has a Birthday Party in 1988
Video duration 28:39
Hursey Family Picnic 1984

Family gathering in Sacramento after Mark and Brenda get married.
Video duration 19:48
Wayne and JoAnn Dancing 1984

Wayne and JoAnn dancing to Michael Jackson's "Beat It"
Video duration 8:55
Motown Party 1987

Caye-Connie-Mel have a Motown Party 1987
Video duration 21:46
Ray's 85th Birthday

Ray Jorgensen celebrates his 85th Birthday with family in Las Vegas. December 2004
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Why are some of these videos such poor quality?
  1. They were recorded on VHS-C tape in low light conditions using 1987 technology.  Software was used to brighten the videos which can result in a grainy appearance.

  2. They were captured and converted from VHS analog format to digital media which costs resolution.

  3. They were compressed to a more web-friendly size which lowers resolution.